Blog Tour Kick-Off: Most Eligible Bachelor

With the release of Most Eligible Bachelor just four days away, I’m kick-starting a blog tour, which will take me to 14 online destinations in honour of the theme of my novel – Valentine’s Day, 14th February. I’m over at Ghanaian author Nana Awere Damoah‘s today and will be back here on Friday to tell you a little more about the making of Most Eligible Bachelor. I’ll be giving out a free copy of my book to one lucky commenter on each blog I visit. That’s 14 blogs and 14 books, so get commenting!

Here’s my full blog tour schedule, so you don’t miss out:

30-Jan Nana Awere Damoah http://
31-Jan Ea Bloom
01-Feb Kiru Taye
02-Feb Lorraine Nelson
03-Feb Empi Baryeh
04-Feb Shyla Colt
05-Feb Empi Baryeh (Six Sentence Sunday)
06-Feb Ju Dimello
07-Feb Joanne Stewart
08-Feb Lara Daniels
09-Feb Georgia Fox
10-Feb Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
11-18 Feb  D Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters (read entire first chapter)
16-Feb Tory Michaels


Don’t forget to come back to my blog on the 11th for the With Love on Valentine’s Day blog Hop (11-14 Feb). I’ll be doling out more goodies including $10 gift certificate!

Have a great week!

Six Sentence Sunday: A snippet from Most Eligible Bachelor

[Glossary: WIP – Work in Progress; SSS – Six Sentence Sunday]

Welcome to my first Six Sentence Sunday. The idea behind SSS is for an author to pick any 6 sentences from a work from any genre, whether WIP or published (you don’t have to be published to participate) and post them on their blog on Sunday before 9 AM EST (i.e. 2PM GMT). There are no restrictions on genre, heat level or publisher.

To celebrate the release of Most Eligible Bachelor on Friday (03-Feb), and hopefully to whet your appetite a little, I’m going to share six sentences from it. I chose my snippet from a scene leading up to the first kiss. I hope you enjoy the read.


She hesitated. Slow music meant being in his arms, their bodies touching. She shouldn’t do this. Yet for some ridiculous reason, she wanted – needed, even – the closeness, to feel like a woman again. Just for a moment. Even if she was certifiably insane for wanting all this in the arms of Lord McKenzie.


To find out what happened before and after this, drop by tomorrow. 

Back to Six Sentence Sunday. There are literally hundreds of authors taking part it each week. If you’d like to take part in SSS or just want to read more snippets, go here. Thanks for stopping by!

Versatile Blogger Award!

I have been nominated by fellow Black Opal author, Liv Rancourt, for the Versatile Blogger Award! Considering that I had no clue what I was going to blog about when I set up this blog way back in 2009, I’m completely chuffed that people enjoy reading my blog enough to nominate me for an award. Thanks, Liv.

Before I launch into the Terms & Conditions of this nomination, let me just say a few words about Liv. She writes speculative fiction and romance. Her debut novel, A Vampire’s Deadly Delight, is for sale at Black Opal Books and other book retail websites. And if you’re wondering what speculative fiction is or just want a sneak peek at her book, why don’t you head over to her blog and find out more.

Now on to the rules:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award (check)
2. Add an image of the Versatile Blogger Award (check)
3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog (check)
4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself (check)
5. In the same post, include this set of rules (check)
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs (on-going)

Seven Completely Random Pieces of Information about me

1- I have more than one best friend
2- I am writing erotic  romance under a pseudonym (well, if I told you what name, then what’s the point?)
3- I love salads and veggies (yes, including broccoli)
4- I find oranges too much work to eat
5- I’d like to visit Italy and have Italian pizza (yes, I really mean pizza, not Italian men, although…)
6- In 2005, I predicted accurately the winner of Miss Universe
7-  I can’t wait for 3rd February (okay, may not so random😉 )

Nominees for Award (in no particular order)

1- Lorraine Nelson at Lorraine Nelson
2- Katie  Ganshert at Katie Ganshert
3- Georgia Fox at Foxy Tales
4- Jami Gray at Jami Gray and 7 Evil Dwarves
5- Kiru Taye at Kiru Taye Writes
6- Rae Lori at A Writer’s Dream
7- Holly Vance at Genres of my Life
8- Lara Daniels at Lara Daniels Writes
9- Nkem Ivara at The Wordsmythe
10- Lynnette Labelle at Genres of My Life
11- Sam Crescent at Sam Crescent
12- Ju Dimello at Ju Dimello
13- Romy Sommer at Romy Sommers and Minxes of Romance
14- Nana Awere Damoah at Nana A Damoah
15- Suzanne Purvis at Suzanne Purvis

This was fun. Now to inform each nominee of their nomination.

Chancing Faith has a Release Date!

Good news! I have a  release date for Chancing Faith! 17th March, 2012.  It will come out in Print and eBook from Black Opal Books. Now you have two dates to mark on your calendar. Soooo exciting!

To whet your appetite, here’s the final approved blurb:

He didn’t do short-term relationships…

American ad exec, Thane Aleksander, doesn’t date co-workers either—until business takes him to Ghana, West Africa, and he meets Naaki. Now he’s at risk of breaking all the rules. Can he stop this headlong fall before it’s too late?

Until he met her!

Naaki Tabika has a burning need to prove, to herself and others, that she’s more than wife and mother material. To do so, she’s prepared to give up everything for her job. Meeting Thane, however, makes her want to get personal. But falling for her boss could destroy her career. Will she be willing to risk it all for the one thing that can make her truly happy?

Two divergent cultures, two different races, two career-driven professionals, only one chance at true love—will they find the faith to take it, or will their hearts be sacrificed on the altar of financial success?

[Excerpt to follow later]

Don’t forget to visit the Black Opal Books Authors Blog to link up with me and other Black Opal Books authors.

Word Wednesday: Ought and Aught

Hi folks. I hit a snag on my original post and had to find a back-up. Of course, there’s no shortage of homonyms and homophones, so I got another set. 

OUGHT /pronounced awt/, an auxiliary verb used to

1. express an emotional, practical, or other reason for doing something. “The State ought to repair the bridges” | Every citizenought to help.”
2. express probability or natural consequence. that ought to be enough” 
| “That ought to be our train now”
3. express propriety, appropriateness, etc. “You ought to be home early” | “We ought to bring her some flowers”.

Anything whatever (I have no idea what this means. Sorry, people)

(Archaic)  in any degree; at all; in any respect.

Synonyms: had better; should


AUGHT /pronounced awt/ a noun meaning 1. (archaic usage) No amount at all; something of no value or importance

Also functions as a pronoun meaning, 1. (archaic usage) anything whatever; any part: for aught I know |“Only a small proportion of their populations had aught to do with the road”

Have I confused you yet?

I’ve Got a Release Date!

Mark your calendars, folks. Most Eligible Bachelor has a release date! Friday, 3rd February.

That’s eleven days before Valentine’s Day – plenty of time to get your copy and cosy up on Val’s Day with my first Man of Distinction, Lord McKenzie.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love and love is all about giving, I will be giving away free copies of my book in what I’m calling my100-Fan Book Give-Away (drumroll).  If you’ve already heard about it, read on, cos I just upped the ante.

Here’s how to be eligible:

When I reach my first 100 fans on each site, I will draw two names on that site to win a copy each of my book. That means, if you follow me on all three, you get three chances of winning. How cool is that! Of course, the catch is that I have to reach a hundred fans before I can draw a winner, so pass on the message.🙂

If you miss out of being one of the first 100 fans, don’t worry, I’m planning more contests, so watch this space. Better yet, subscribe to my blog, either by entering your email in the subscription box (top right in side bar) or by clicking that nifty ‘+Follow’ button hovering on the bottom right corner of the page. That way you’ll get an email notification for my posts.



Book Cover Unveiled: Chancing Faith

It is here at last! The cover of Chancing Faith, my interracial contemporary romance set in Accra, Ghana. It is Book 1 of an intended duology (possibly a 3-book series), titled From Ghana With Love. Each book features a blending of cultures and heroes/heroines taking a big leap of faith. And here’s my cover, created by the talented Kim Killion.

Coming in Print and eBook from Black Opal Books

March 2012

So what do you think?